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The history of Springer Horse Farms
Springer Horse Farms started in Delaware, Ontario on Springer Lake, and that is how it earned its name. It was a hobby farm that had been my mother's dream. It offered beautiful sunsets in front of the barn, freedom in the fields, adventure in the forests, and solace in the barn. It housed our first horses, many new horses, started big friendships, and memories forever.
I had the biggest dreams and my mom was a promoter of dreams, so I went out in the world of horses beyond our hobby farm. The hobby farm eventually sold as my mom had her own new dreams, and the Farms I went to for my dreams changed as I evolved.
I kept the name Springer Horse Farms to remember where it all started. It was a busy decade, travelling, training, showing, and grooming. 
I then managed my own facilities with boarding, lessons, training, in London, Ontario.
Time and experience gives you the gift or perspective and that is an asset. It was time to pivot again. 
I started a family, and we all love horses in my family.
We now have horses in Ocala, FL and Perth, Ontario.

Time and experience gives you the gift of perspective and that is an asset. 

About Sarah
Sarah has worked with professionals such as Ian Millar, Amy Millar (Perth, Ont, Canada,) Beth Underhill (Schomberg, Ont, Canada), and others.
Sarah has competed at major horse show venues such as Kentucky Horse Park, WEC Ocala, WEC Ohio, WEF, HITS, Tryon, Caledon Equestrian Park, Angelstone Tournaments, and more.

Sarah Wasmer has run Springer Horse Farms since 2009.
Sarah is known for her ability to adapt to various types of horses and bring out the best in their abilities. 
Sarah has always been passionate about the sport of show jumping, but loves the "horse" even more than the sport. 

"No matter where I go in the world, or how many people I met, I always find myself returning to the horse as my place to be connected to who I am as a person. I have empathy for the horses and respect for them as athletes. I try to hear and understand what they need to be supported to be the best they can be for the job at hand. To call horses a passion for me is an understatement." 
- Sarah Wasmer

We have horses in both the USA and Canada and offer training, sales, and breeding show jumpers and hunters. 
We offer with expertise: sales, leasing, breeding, training, coaching.

- Our breeding program offers exceptional bloodlines with proven results. With a researched and dedicated knowledge of good matches, and desirable horses.
- Our training program offers more than routine, it offers focused attention to potential with positive reinforcement. Goal orientated no matter how big or how small the goal, we are here to support you. 
- Our sales or lease programs offer fair market value horses. Putting the needs of the horses and the objectives of the rider in the forefront of the decision making process. Facilitating many sales we can support and advocate for your needs as a buyer, or a seller. 
The horses we represent are also horses we have confidence in. 
- Coaching offers an outside eye on your big decisions and direction towards your goals. Being self made and paving a way in the equine industry has made us educated and allowed us to build strong industry connections. Connect with us to get you to the next step in your equine goals!  
- Agent service for sourcing your next dream horse. Let us handle what ever it is you need; the search, the vet work, consulting, questions, trials, paperwork, negotiations, travel, etc. Connections available worldwide. 
Contact us for more into

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